Our events are typically 5K distance (adults and older children) or 1-mile courses (best for younger children). The event is easy-set up and take down. Offer a festival with your event. Have food, bounce house, DJ! Make it fun!


Color Splash

Our most popular event and fun for all ages. Yes, even adults get into this event. Our Color Splash involves both liquid and powder color (red, blue, yellow, green) which are both made from FDA approved food grade coloring and are gluten-free. There are four liquid color stations placed throughout the course. At the end of the event, there is a final powder color celebration where all participants throw their color powder packet in the air. Make sure to capture this in photos or video!

Color Splash supply box includes:

  • T-Shirts
  • Race Bibs and Pins
  • Course Marking Cones
  • Sprayers and Food Dye
  • Color Packets




Don’t have room for or unable to offer a Color Splash. Our FUNdrun is a minimalistic version of our Gold Star event. All the benefits of a fun, active event, just less colorful and less expensive. Great for those organizations on a budget or who may have fewer volunteer resources.

FUNdrun supply box includes:

  • T-Shirts
  • Race Bibs and Pins
  • Course Marking Cones
  • Rubber Wrist Band
  • Draw String Bag
  • Sunglasses
  • Headband


Plug-n-Play FUNdrun

Raise extra money for your event with our customizable pledge platform. Plug our platform into your existing event or use the platform on it’s own. You manage the event, GAF will turbo charge your revenue!

Plug-n-Play Fundrun includes:

  • Personal FUNdrunner
  • UPick the activity
  • Custom Pledge Platform
  • Anytime



Online Pledge System

Our Online Pledge System is a user-friendly option proven to raise more money than traditional mailed requests. We set up the system for you and will provide you with a link to your unique event site.

Each participant/family creates a custom page and sends pledge requests to their family and friends via email or text. Donors click a secure link to help the cause. Event administrators keep an eye on fundraising using a dashboard and reports. Simple and easy for everyone! Families typically raise an average of $100 in donations.

Hosting your own event? Contact us about using our Online Pledge System to boost your fundraising to the next level!

Event Ticket System

Our Event Ticket System is an online service your participants use to register and donate online with a credit card. We set up this service at no additional cost! The participants will cover the processing fees and ALL funds brought in will be sent directly to you by Get Active FUNdraising 7-12 days after your event!