Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can we expect to raise?

Amounts raised vary significantly based on the energy and time put into the program. A typical campaign of 150 participants would generate the following sample numbers: Donations: 150 * $100 = $15,000; Ticket Sales: 150 * $40 = $6,000; Sponsorships: $4,000; Total Funds Raised: $25,000

What types of organizations participate in GAF events?

We work with anyone who wants to fund-raise. Schools, companies, sports teams, cub scouts, girl scouts, cheer squads and any group that wants to raise money and have a great time doing it.

What is the upfront cost?

Once you sign and return an agreement with us, we will send you an invoice for the deposit, which will be credited towards your final bill. We will be investing a lot of time and resources to get your event up and running, and this helps us ensure that our resources are being used efficiently. The deposit ranges from $250 to $500 depending on the amount of lead time provided.

Do I have to charge a certain registration price for the event?

The average registration price is $35. You can charge any amount you like: $20, $25, $30 and even $40. The money raised is going towards a good cause, so many clients have charged more for their events. You may also charge one price for organization members, another for non-members, group rate and/or any other discounts you want to add to your registration form.

How long is the course?

There are no requirements for how long your course should be, but the typical distance is either one mile or three miles. If your event has a combination of younger children and older kids/adults, start the youngest group about 1 or 1.5 miles from the finish line, so you only have to manage one course.

It says that we will need 8 weeks to plan for our event, why is that?

We’ve built our program around the eight-week lead time because our experience shows that this is the optimal time to complete all the steps in our program and promote your run. We charge a higher deposit for a lesser amount of lead time because it requires more resources on our part.

I’ve never planned an event before, will I be able to pull this off?

Yes! Remember, we partner with you throughout the process. You will benefit from our years of event planning and fundraising experience.

Can we use our school track or artificial turf for the Color Splash event?

No, you should not use your school track or artificial turf as part of the Color Splash event. We cannot guarantee that the color will not stain a track or artificial turf. We recommend that the liquid color stations and the finish line be in a grassy area for easy cleanup. You can rinse the color away with a broom and hose, have Mother Nature wash it away, or let the grass grow out and mow it away.

Can we use city streets for our event?

Yes, some clients do have their events on city streets. Please be aware that this process can add to your planning time and affect your bottom line. Typically, there are permits to be obtained, approvals, additional insurance, and added expenses for police details and/or road closures. Most of our clients use their school grounds or even the grounds of a nearby, larger school if more space is required.

Can we get companies and/or local businesses to sponsor our event?

Yes, and 100% of sponsorship revenue belongs to you. We want you to bring in as much additional fundraising revenue as possible. Some clients have a festival around the event and provide an opportunity for sponsors/vendors to be present on site in exchange for their sponsorship.

Can I open this event up to the community?

Yes, you can make the event available to the entire community, and many of our clients do this to increase participation and fundraising levels.

Is there a minimum number of participants for this event?

Yes, there is a 50-participant minimum to place a supply order

What supplies are included for each participant?

Each participant in your order for will receive a Get Active FUNdraising event t-shirt, Tyvek race bib, and an individual color packet (Color Splash only). You may opt to order additional supplies for late registrants.

Does anyone from Get Active FUNdraising come to our event to help with the event?

Our program is designed to be run remotely so we will not be making an appearance at your event at any time. We provide support via phone, email, and text, throughout the entire process. All materials arrive via UPS or USPS. We do offer a full-service option where your FUNdrunner©
will come on-site for a site planning meeting and kickoff, then return for the run itself to ensure the day is stress-free for you

What is the GAF Online Registration System?

We will set up an online registration page for your event providing a convenient way for your participants to register. There is a nominal fee for this service which can be passed along to the participant. Please take a look at

Participants registering using the Online System will be given the opportunity to share a link on their Facebook page, advertising your event. Sharing with 5+ friends generates a 10% off coupon code that expires within 24 hours.

What is the GAF Online Pledge System?

The GAF Online Pledge System is a user-friendly online fundraising platform that makes it fun and easy to ask family and friends for donations. Each family of your organization can quickly set up their custom donation page and a personalized message that is sent by email or text message. Friends and family simply click on a link and make an online donation. Your GAF FUNdrunner© will help set up the system for you and make it very easy to boost your fundraising efforts to the next level.

Our system allows for customization, sends the requests, handles the online payments, issues receipts to the donors, and tracks each participant’s progress towards their fundraising goal. There is a 12% service fee for online donations made through the online donation platform. The credit card processor deducts an additional 3% per transaction. There are no credit card fees for donations made by check.

What is the color made of? How do we distribute the color? What about our kids with asthma/breathing issues?

Our GAF Color Splash event has two color components. First, there is the liquid color (liquid food grade coloring mixed with water) which is sprayed throughout the course. We provide eight 1-gallon hand pump sprayers and enough liquid dye to cover the number of participants at your event. The liquid color makes a base for the powder to stick to later. The second color component is the powder color packets (cornstarch with food coloring). We recommend that the kids with asthma/breathing issues not be in the middle of the final color powder celebration. This event does not distribute powder color along the course with machines.

Is the color powder gluten free?

Yes, the color powder is gluten-free. The color powder consists of food coloring and cornstarch. Gluten is a protein found in wheat and gluten is not present in cornstarch.

Will the color stain my clothes, hair, shoes, etc.?

The color washes out of most materials, but just in case, we want you to wear items you are not worried about staining so you can enjoy the event to its fullest! Depending on how colorful you get, the color may stain your skin, hair, and clothes until finally coming out after a few good washes. To help prevent stains we recommend removing as much excess color as possible before washing. If you have lighter colored hair, you may want to cover up with a hat!

What do the t-shirts look like? Can we add our school/club/organization logo? Sponsor logo?

The t-shirts are plain white t-shirts in both kids and adult sizes up to 3XL. The front has our logo on it, and the back side is left blank. We can send you a picture of the t-shirts upon request. A white t-shirt allows for a canvas to display the color prominently on the shirt during and after the Color Splash event.

Any particular design you’d like to add would need to be done locally, which will add some lead time and extra planning. You will need to place your order a little earlier than the recommended lead time. We recommend that you contact your local printer as soon as possible to find out how much additional time is needed, so we can adjust your order date if necessary. We can also ship directly to the printer.

When do we order supplies and how is our final bill calculated?

Two weeks before the event you will submit your order forms. A final invoice (less your deposit) will be sent over via QuickBooks the next business day after your event, and you can make your payment directly online or mail a check. Supplies are shipped via UPS and arrive before the event date.

Can I accept registrations after we place our final order for supplies?

Definitely! You’ll want to estimate how many registrants you will get in the final two weeks before your event and add this to your final order so you will have enough supplies for the event day. Those who want to participate but cannot make the deadline will let you know so your estimate should be very close to the actual number of final participants. You will not be invoiced for those participants who did not make it on to your order forms.

How do I get started?

Request a copy of the Get Started Checklist. We will send you the Agreement Form once we have received the checklist. The checklist verifies that you have finalized an event date, a location, permissions and the necessary approvals from the organization and/or Principal, Superintendent, Board, etc. Having these in place before signing an agreement allows you to begin focusing on the planning, promotion and mailing program from day one. You’ll then return your signed Agreement form and pay the deposit invoice. We’ll help you every step of the way after that!

Once I sign the agreement, how long will it take before we can get started?

We work efficiently here at Get Active FUNdraising. Once the invoice is paid, we can get you started right away, sometimes the same day.

When will we receive the money from the event?

All the money from paper registration, sponsorships, and the fundraising mailing program go directly to you throughout the process. Funds from the GAF Online Registration and Online Pledge System are sent to you approximately 7 to 14 business days after your event date. An invoice will be emailed to you for your review before issuing a check.

Why do we require a W9 on file for your account?

A W9 from your organization is required for tax purposes. It must be received before your event is complete so we can send your final payout check.

What if I don’t want to use the Online Pledge System?

The Online Pledge System has been proven to raise more funds than traditional mailers. However, we understand some organizations prefer a direct mail campaign, and we do offer this option.

What are the costs for the event? Who pays for shipping costs?

We charge a flat rate of $12.50 per participant. You are responsible for shipping costs which will be a separate line item on your invoice.

Any funds raised through the direct mail program and sponsorships, etc. all go directly to your organization. Additional fees apply for the Online Registration System and the Online Pledge System.