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Fundraising Music Appropriate for Kids

Before, during, and after your Get Active Fundraiser, you want to create a fun, party atmosphere.  Music will play a significant role. Whether you have a DJ or use a phone and speaker system, it is always challenging and time-consuming to find music appropriate for kids. We did the work for you and created two playlists suitable for kids any age.… Read More

How to Host the Best Back to School / Meet the Teacher Night

Need some help planning for and holding an informative, stress-free event for families? We put together some tips and tricks for making parents feel welcome, handling small children who attend and creating an engaging and memorable presentation.

Understand that this event is to provide a time for parents to meet the teacher and review expectations. It is not a time for individual conferences.… Read More

30 Ideas for Summer Fun

It’s almost July 4th and school is still at least a month off. Are the kids bored? Need some activities to keep them busy? We put together a list of some popular activities that won’t break the bank. Put your favorites in a jar and you will have “boredom” solutions ready to go.

1. Stargaze in your backyard
Take a blanket and lay in the backyard (park or beach) and look at the stars.… Read More

Decorating Tips for Your Event

You want your FUNdrun to be successful and exciting. So, don’t forget to plan for event decorations. Here are a few possible options for your event.

Balloon Arch – Mark your Start and Finish lines with a balloon arch. For a Color Splash FUNdrun, use white balloons at the start and colored balloons at the finish.

Balloons Along the Race Route – Use golf tees to stake balloons along your event route or indicate turns.… Read More

Top Incentives for your School Fundraiser

When planning your Get Active Fundraiser it is important to consider the incentives you would like to offer. We have listed the top incentives by age level to help you get started. Be creative!

Elementary School

  • Classroom supplies: erasers, pencils, pens, etc.
  • Recognition on the morning announcements or classroom board
  • Wear a hat to school
  • First in line for lunch/recess/end of school
  • Keep a stuffed animal or toy at their desk for the day
  • Bubbles
  • Extra recess
  • Free ice cream at lunch
  • Teacher’s helper for a day
  • Activity leader
  • One hour free reading time

Middle School

  • Free entrance to school dance/football/basketball game
  • Extra computer time
  • Special pass to leave school early on a Friday
  • Free homework pass
  • Free dress day (schools with uniforms)
  • Choose from a list of privileges: extra computer time, sitting with a friend at lunch, wearing pajamas to school
  • Limo ride to a restaurant for lunch and then back to school
  • Out to lunch with the principal
  • Catered lunch

Any age

  • Popsicle/pizza/donut/cupcake party
  • Gift cards to Target or another local big box store/sporting goods store
  • Gift cards to local burger joint, ice cream parlor or another restaurant
  • GAF sunglasses
  • T-shirt
  • Water Bottle, hat, bandana – with school logo or fundraising theme
  • Free entry into the FUNdrun
  • Raffle ticket for drawing of tickets for the zoo, indoor trampoline park
  • Free pass to play miniature golf/bowling
  • Movie pass
  • Gift cards (iTunes, Amazon, Target)
  • Gift certificate to school store or book fair
  • Free choice time – choose what they would like to do at the end of the day
  • Watch a movie during school
  • Daily drawings for small (pencils, candy, erasers, art supplies) and big items (Ipad)
  • Frisbee, ball, hula hoop, or another related PE item

School Wide

  • Eat lunch in the classroom or outside
  • Listen to music during lunch
  • Pizza/ice cream party
  • Dance party
  • Laser tag
  • Backward/crazy clothes/superhero day
  • Adopt an animal at the local zoo or rescue center


  • Pie in the face
  • Shave his head
  • Dance with the school mascot
  • Dunking the principal/teacher/coach
  • “Silly string” at a school assembly
  • “Goes to” jail
  • Student for the day
  • Kisses a pig
  • Spends the day on the roof
  • Duck tape to the wall
  • Dresses up as clown/superhero
  • Sings a chosen song off key
  • Faculty talent show

 … Read More

School Pledge Fundraising 101

Most organizations and schools use incentives to encourage participation in their Get Active Fundraiser. But what is the best way to incorporate these incentives? We have a few smart strategies to consider while planning your event.

Incent or not Incent?
Most schools struggle with the decision to offer incentives to encourage participation in its fundraiser. Concerns about taking away from instructional time, sending the wrong message about consumerism, putting pressure on children, rewarding with a toy or gadget for doing a good job are the big reasons why schools do not offer incentives.… Read More

Promoting your Get Active Fundraising Event

You have planned your Get Active Fundraiser. You have selected a date and location and assembled a team to help you. What’s next? Promoting, promoting, promoting.

We can’t say it enough, promoting will attract more participants to your event!

Here are a few options to help jump start your promotion.


Send a mass email or recorded message with date reminders to your school/organization members.… Read More

How to choose an event date for your Get Active Fundraiser

So, you have decided you want to host a Get Active Fundraiser. The next crucial decision is to pick an event date. Choosing a good date can have a critical impact on the attendance at your event. Seems simple, right? Choosing an event date can be very challenging.

Below are a few items to keep in mind when choosing your Get Active FUNdraiser date.… Read More

Motivating Students to Take Action

If you’re going to have any success with a fundraiser motivating students should be one of your primary objectives. Here’s a list of 4 ways you can get your student body involved.

1. Lead by example: Are you signed up for your event? Show your students how much fun it is to be able to host their own Get Active Fundraising event at your school.… Read More

Registration Pricing

If it’s your first time hosting a Get Active Fundraising event, you may be wondering how much you should charge for someone to attend your event. There are a few things to consider when you’re selecting your pricing scale, and this simple guide will walk you through it.

The right registration price should reflect the value of your event and help you reach your fundraising goal.… Read More